The Carbon Fiber Frame Of This $12,800 Bike Weighs Just 1.9 Pounds

When bicyclemaker VANDEYK set out to make their first lightweight composite bike, they turned to an industry with a lot of composite experience — Formula 1.

In specific, VANDEYK partnered up with German ex-F1 engineer Ralf Brand, who used to work for Sauber in the '90s before moving to Toyota, then to Opel's DTM team, and then for an Austrian composites company supplying Toro Rosso as well as ALMS, DTM, and NASCAR teams, as documented in this Joe Saward article. He is responsible for engineering the 870 gram (1.9 pound) carbon frame of this 11,900 Euro ($12,800) bike.


You can see the full specs of this 'Machine for Riding' line right here on VANDEYK's website, and for now you can enjoy their seriously gorgeous promo video made by none other than Christopher Kippenberger, the most interesting man in car porn.

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