Here's How New Jersey Car Enthusiasts Recovered From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a transformative event for much of New Jersey, especially the famous Jersey Shore. Flooding ruined homes, businesses, and legions of cars. Saying it was devastating to the local economy is an understatement.


Say what you will about people from New Jersey (I'm one of them), but we're tough and aren't going to let a little storm make us give up and not rebuild. That includes our car nuts.

People like Jay DiVone, the owner of a 1968 Chevy Corvette, which was flooded and basically destroyed. Instead of trashing the car, he took it apart and restored it himself. He even upgraded parts to make it the C3 Vette he's always wanted.

New Jersey's classic car museum also opened just six weeks before Hurricane Sandy. It's not closed down though, no sir. It's still around and open for business. Much of the famous boardwalk was also reopened for the summer, but a freak fire at the end burned a lot of it back down and ruined even more businesses.


It's been a harrowing couple of years for Jersey Shore residents, but they keep coming back. I'm sure they'll recover from this fire too.

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I'm from Northern NJ, I remember driving down south before the storm, hitching the cars and driving them up north during the storm. We couldn't save the house, but we saved three vettes and a thunderbird!