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Five Things You Didn't Know About the 2015 Ford Mustang

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The 2015 Ford Mustang will debut in December but Car And Driver has the rendering they claim is "almost definitely" the real thing. Here are some details courtesy of C/D, go to their site or pick up the December issue for the full scoop.


What do you think? – Ed.

Cheapest 500-hp Car?:
Ford will launch the new Mustang with carry-over powertrains, but we predict the 5.0-liter V-8's output will rise from 420 to 500 horsepower within the initial 2015 model year.


10-Speed Schwing:
In 2016 or 2017, a 10-speed automatic transmission jointly developed by GM and Ford will replace the current six-speed auto. Expect a whopper of a ratio spread.

Fantastic Four:
A 2.3-liter boosted four-cylinder, perhaps launched in concert with the 10-speed, will make this the first turbocharged Mustang since the 1986 SVO. Our oracles foresee 310 horses.

Europe Gets the IRS:
This will be the first Mustang—aside from the 1999–2004 SVT Cobra—to boast an independent rear suspension. Among its other benefits, an IRS will help to give the car credibility in the European market.

You Got the Touch:
A heavily revised MyFord Touch interface will make its debut here, featuring more hard buttons and redundant controls. Diggler approves.


Illustration: Nick Kaloterakis via CarAndDriver


This story comes courtesy of Car and Driver. Full details in the December issue, on newsstands now.