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For all of the Fisker Karma owners who are tired of feeling like they're driving around in something people point and laugh, there is a solution in the form of an engine out of a Corvette. Because that just makes everything better.

If you remember the Destino, made by VL Automotive which is run by that Bob Lutz, well it's finally going to be a reality. It takes the great shape that is the Karma, but fits it with an engine that isn't at all environmentally minded.


Lutz told Automotive News, now that some disputes have been settled with necessary suppliers, that the Destino will be produced beginning next year and that he's bought 25 never-sold Karmas to fit a new face and a V8 with either 450 horsepower or 638 supercharged horses.

Interestingly, Lutz is extending the V8 magic to existing Karma owners by offering to convert their cars to gasoline-only propulsion for just $10o,000 – roughly 100% of the Karma's original price.

It's worth considering, I guess, since Fisker is unlikely to rise from the ashes even now that it's been sold to Hong Kong businessman Richard Li. So if you're tired of being eco-minded and just want to go fast in your Fisker, give Lutz a call.


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