Is This The New Mini-Jeep Testing In Italy?

Jeep is currently in the middle of a somewhat fumbled launch of its new Cherokee. And while that is still kind of happening, they're also developing a new baby-Jeep to slot in below the Compass. And it appears it has hit the road.


These photos show what appears to be another Jeep mule based on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. And instead of off roading, it's in its natural environment: On the highway. While most Jeeps are still trail rated, when's the last time you saw one turn off the highway and onto a dirt trail?

Did I hear you mumble never? Because never is the correct answer.

This frankenJeep still looks to be fairly early on in its development cycle, but it appears there is another Jeep CUV on the horizon.


Tip of the hat and photo credits to Darragh!

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