Tour The Lamborghini Museum On Google Street View, Climb Into A Miura!

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The great people behind Google Street View took a break from Doctor Who easter eggs and went to Sant'Agata Bolognese to record an indoor view of the Lamborghini Museum. The best thing? You can sit in/look around the Miura SV, the Countach LP400, the LM002, the Diablo race car, the Reventon and the Sesto Elemento.

The Lamborghini Museum is a wonderful display spread across two floors full where you find Miuras, Countaches, Diablos and Murciélagos accompanied by rare prototypes, limited editions, one-offs, racing cars and marine engines. Unique scale models of original styling can also be found on display along with some of the legendary V12s.


If you're in Northern Italy, you should always find time to visit. But if you're not, just go for it online:


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