Seventies Japanese Sedans Were Made For This

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Touge is a Japanese thing that's easier to understand than tentacle porn or eyeball sushi. It's exactly what Norwegian mountain roads were made for.

Lovely road? Check. Lady friend wearing four-point harness in passenger seat? Check. Excessive use of the handbrake? You got it. Porsche Cayenne Mercedes ML camera car? Yeah, it's matte black all right.

Underground Garage's 2JZ-GE powered X30 Toyota Cressida is the right tool for the job, no doubt about that.

Of course being a Norwegian, Fredrik Sørlie also knows what to do with a frozen lake.

I want a frozen lake now and an Alfa Romeo from the future. Or from the past. Just give me one.


Photo credit: Underground Garage

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Ahh Touge. That's way more exciting than touque.

Winter is coming. It's -11C here today and I'm a little distracted.