The British are building SUVs. Autocar reports that not only are we getting an extended wheelbase Evoque LX in 2016 and a smaller production version of the Jaguar C-X17, Aston Martin is also planning to build a Lagonda SUV jointly developed with Mercedes-Benz.

The Land Rover Evoque running under the codename L560 will be lighter and more economical thanks to the aluminum structure and Land Rover Jaguar's upcoming four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Priced between the regular Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, it will cost more than Jaguar's own crossover, which is expected to be smaller than the C-X17 Concept we've seen before.

But even more interesting is what Aston Martin is having in mind. Since they are getting their new engines from AMG, the idea of an Aston Martin SUV emerged again, which would be developed jointly with Mercedes-Benz but wear the Aston Martin badge and most likely the Lagonda name tag.

Now, the previous Aston concept might suggest this is a bad idea, but after witnessing how the Volkswagen group is expanding its SUV lineup with Bentley and Lamborghini SUVs soon soon to reach production, a Mercedes-Benz M-Class based Aston Martin might just be a hit in markets like China or North America.