Jaguar Will Build The C-X17 SUV Right After They Build A BMW 3-Series

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Jaguar says the first car using their new aluminum monocoque will be a sports sedan coming in 2015. My guess is that the C-X17 SUV will be the second. It's almost ready now, and the feedback is very positive.

The whole point of the freshly developed modular and scalable vehicle architecture is that it's not only extremely stiff and lightweight, but also enables flexible high-volume production. The company is also getting a new engine production facility, currently under construction in Wolverhampton in the UK as part of a £500 million investment, which will be operational from 2015. Their future plans with these ingredients include offering vehicles capable of 186mph, and breaking the 100g CO2/km emissions barrier for the first time. Don't worry, I'll ask them about the C-X75 tomorrow...


What does Porsche make money on? The Cayenne. And they will do the same with the smaller Macan. Having said that, if you need proof that Jaguar/Land Rover can put together a fast SUV made of aluminum, just check out the 2014 Range Rover Sport. It's fantastic!

Looking at the C-X17 live at Jaguar's fancy party, all I can tell you that it's a win as far as the design goes, and it looks pretty much production ready today. So let's see what stays, and what goes, according purely to my imagination:

Ian Callum's great design with the XJ's front and a bit of Audi at the back:


Stays. It doesn't need fixing.

Illuminated air intakes and rear bumper:


Goes. It's funky, but a bit over the top, and in this segment, conservatism sells.

Prototype tires from Pirelli:


Goes. You know why. But the F-Type's optional rims will stay.

That look:



The glass roof:


Stays. Premium cars = more light in the cabin.

The F-Type's influence:


Stays. It works brilliantly.

Uncomfortable bucket seats:


Goes. Car makers are obsessed with these when it comes to concept cars.

Touch screens and variable interior lights:


Stays, with the touch screen interface most likely limited to the front.

Well dressed people around it:


Stays. They're called customers.

Our love and pussy jokes:


Stays. It's a Jaaaaaag.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik