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For $18,500, The Skyline’s The Limit

Illustration for article titled For $18,500, The Skyline’s The Limit
Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and that means both tricks and treats, as well as s few scares. And what could be scarier than today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Skyline, owing to its unknown nature and (gasp) Florida location? You’ll still need to say whether its price is a treat. . . if you dare!


At the conclusion of many French movies they fade out on the word Fin meaning end. With its 77% Crack Pipe loss yesterday’s wild custom 1987 Fiero, dubbed the Fini by its seller, saw its end far too soon. As was pointed out in the comments yesterday, that car's mods were actually a kit offered by V8 Archie, and boy does he have a lot of explaining to do!


On Tuesday we had a JDM Mazda that was weird enough to be claimed the only one in the States. There are other JDM rides that are far more desirable and hence have made the long boat trip across the Pacific in greater numbers, and one of those is the hot edition of Nissan’s Venerated Skyline lineup. Actually several of them as until the release of the Infiniti G35 the marque had been denied to U.S. enthusiasts for many years and through multiple generations.

Today’s 2001 Skyline is interesting as it rocks both the RB25DET turbo six and four doors. It's claimed to have rolled 112,000 miles to date, and to be dropped on a set of coilovers with more positions than the kama sutra and 17-inch Enkei wheels.

Illustration for article titled For $18,500, The Skyline’s The Limit

It's most likely the installation of those new suspension bits that's going on in the pics provided in the ad, and that brings up a point for all future online car classified aspirants: put some thought into the pics in your ads. Showing your car sitting on a two-by-six next to a jack and stands doesn't exactly put it in the best light.


It's much better to take a snap of the car sitting in a nice background, just at sunset, with perhaps a congenial George Clooney leaning against its fender. Or maybe a girl with big boobs, it really doesn't matter which. Those of you who can't even be bothered to clean out the Taco Bell bags and discarded Ramses wrappers first aren't doing yourselves any favors.

This R34 Skyline seems favorable at first glance. As noted it has the RB25DET six which, considering the year would have the NEO head and should pump out around 270 - 280 horsepower. Backing that up is a 4-speed Tiptronic, and these cars came with pretty much every acronym known to man at the time of their production - ABS, SRS, TC, ETC.

Illustration for article titled For $18,500, The Skyline’s The Limit

The seller claims the car to be clean and reliable, but notes that nit-pickers might find reason for complaint. Additionally, the engine is said to run strong and hold its fluids like a Kennedy. He also says that this grey market ghost is registered and titled in Florida.


Now, I don't know about you but as far as I know, a Florida title holds about as much weight in the real world as does a Nigerian Prince's email request to help him move a million bucks out of the country. Florida has just gained that sort of reputation for shenanigans, don't ask me why.

But this being Halloween, a holiday famous for things not being what they seem, and people doing things they wouldn't normally do like ringing neighbors' doorbells and asking them for food, let's cut this Skyline some slack and say it's able to be taken out of Florida by a new owner without too much hassle. In that case, it's now time to vote on this car's $185,000 price tag. Wait a minute, damn, that's not right, it's only $18,500. Hey Mr sketchy Skyline seller dude, you really didn't put much effort into this ad did you?


Okay, so what do you think about $18,500 for this R34 GT-T, does that jack your lantern? Or, does the price and the car - and the state! - scare the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of you?

You decide!


Atlanta (although the car is in Florida) Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jason Barnell for the hookup!

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1) Buy pseudo-legal JDM (Yo!) car for $18,500

2) Register in home state

3) Watch Feds come to your house, set JDM (Yo!) car on fire and kick your dog for good measure.

4) Cry