For $12,995, Fini Is The Last Word In Fieros

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Fiero looks wilder than a rock star with two-days worth of bed head. Is its price however, too much of a walk on the wild side?

Harry Nilsson once sang that one is a lonely number, and that proved to be the case for yesterday’s claimed one of one in the U.S. nineteen ninety… that's right, one, Mazda Familia GTX. According to an overwhelming 76% of you, it’s going to remain lonely, that many having having given its price a Crack Pipe loss.


Despite being voted over-priced, yesterday’s Mazda was laudable for its seemingly factory fresh and original condition, a rare sight in a GTX. You know in what marque that seems even more rare today? That’s right, the Pontiac Fiero. And today we have the most balls to the wall outrageous Fiero custom that you’ve ever seen outside of a Peyote-high hallucination. Don't you judge me.

Described as the Fini Fiero, this chameleon painted custom started life as a 1987 Fiero. That’s just one year shy of the major suspension redesign, so while outlandish on the top side, it’s still running on the bouncy bits that, in back were taken from the Chevy Citation, and in the front harken back to the Opel Kadett of 1852.


In ’87 the Fiero could be purchased with either the 98-horse Iron Puke, or the 140-pony Chevy 2.8-litre six. Neither of those was apparently good enough for the Fini however as it rocks a Northstar V8 late of a Caddy. It also sports an automatic transmission which is probably a good thing as it wold be hard to concentrate on shifting yourself when you’re preoccupied with the car’s audacious appearance, both inside and out.

Let’s start with the cockpit, which unlike most Fiero customs actually looks like somebody put some thought into the mods, and actual craftsmanship into the execution. Sure the basic Fiero IP is there, but it’s now wrapped in a leather hood that snakes down to the wide center tunnel. A Pioneer head unit and what looks to be a Grant steering wheel accessorize the space.


On the outside, whoa doggies! The front of this car looks like something that might have come out of the British maker TVR’s barn back in the day and features… what are those, old Celica headlights? The sculpted sides lead to a rear that’s even more audacious than that of Kim Kardashian, and carries enough round red bauble lights to make followers feel like they're playing old school Coleco Football.


Large reverse extractor vents flare from each B-pillar, and chrome five-hole alloys are tucked under the tight-lipped wheel arches. The whole thing is painted in pearlescent paint that switches from purple to blue depending on how the light hits it.


The seller notes that fifty grand and over 2000 man hours have gone into this cars creation - more than that for the Federal Governments Healthcare Reform website form the look of things. Of course you're almost never going to get your investment - either in time or blood sweat and tears - back upon selling any custom car.

As such, the price for this wild child of a Fiero is $12,995, and you need to say whether that's a deal or not. What do you think, is a Lincoln-shy of thirteen grand for the Fini financially sound? Or, does that price mean fini for the Fini?


You decide!


Portland OR Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Civardi for the hookup!

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