The Magnum MK5 Is The Canadian Track Car You've Always Wanted

Not to be left out of the global rush to produce a crazy fast lightweight race car for the streets, Canada has now fielded an entry in the form of the Magnum MK5, formally announced today.

Montreal-based Magnum Cars has been around since 1968, but you've probably never heard of them unless you were a seriously devoted F1 fan. Now, though, they've decided to go up against big(ish) names like the Ariel Atom and Caterham Seven with the MK5 – which sounds like a new Lincoln version of the Miata, but it isn't.


It's powered by a 250-horsepower four-cylinder that revs to 11,000 rpm and sits in the middle, sending power to a six-speed automated manual. With a dry weight of just 1,200 lbs. (carbon fiber construction, of course), it has a bonkers 460-hp/ton weight ratio. Magnum estimates its 0-60 time somewhere in the low 3-second range.

But it's not all about speed with the MK5, because the company says it's perfect for both the track and Sunday drives. Magnum says, "The MK5's 'rock star' stance will make owners feel right at home amongst luxury supercars during a night out on the town."

It's somewhat practical, with a trunk area that can accommodate "two race helmets and a briefcase." It even has a backup camera as standard, so the Department of Transportation will love the Magnum.

The MK5 goes on sale late next year with a price tag of $139,000 to start. Magnum will limit production to 20 cars, probably to make sure it stays exclusive because they don't want just anyone saying they now have a fast Canadian car.


Photos: Magnum Cars

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