The 2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon Is A Suzuki Forenza In Wagon Form

John Davis reports that the Suzuki Forenza has "brisk sales," which means that the Forenza Wagon should also have brisk sales. I don't know about you folks, but I didn't know the Forenza Wagon existed until today. Eight years later.

In fact, how many Forenzas have you seen in your life? I've seen maybe a baker's dozen, and I was driving one of them. It was a rental car, and when they gave it to me I had to ask what it was.

The Forenza Wagon sheds that boxy wagon image, and goes for a really sleek look. It also has super aggressive rubber: 195/55/15s. Watch out corners!


And if you like body roll, you'll like this car. Trust me. Just look at it majestically carve some corners.

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This is not a Suzuki, it is a thinly disguised Daewoo that GM forced on Suzuki in their partnership so Suzuki could build the excellent last gen XL7 for a couple years. This is the car that ruined Suzuki in the US and GM washed their hands of it in bankruptcy. I stand by the notion that if but for the Forenza and Reno crap cans Suzuki would still be selling cars and I would be driving a Swift right now. This is the primary reason I refuse to drive a GM.