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Let's Help Out A Dog

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This is only car-related in the sense that a car did this to this stray dog, and, as lovers of both cars and dogs, I'd like to see if I can help. See, a friend of mine found a stray dog with some nasty injuries, and has set up a fund to help get the dog sorted out.

I know she shot the video in portrait mode, which makes her basically Hitler, but please look past that as you hear her story:

So, last Friday I was in my car heading out to do some errands when I saw something moving in the gutter on my side of the street. I looked closer, and saw it was a little brown dog that was limping on three legs.

Like any sane adult with things to do, I stopped my car in the middle of a driveway, crouched down and started crab-walking over to him, trying to move slowly enough not to startle him. Having likely never encountered a human doing this before, he freaked out and ran. For a dog with three good legs, he ran FAST.


Then I turned a corner and saw our little guy high-tailing it directly into somebody's backyard. That backyard had a glorious metal gate that I could easily close behind me, trapping us both in to an epic dog rescue cagematch, for better or for worse.


He was also extremely starved, full-on rib bones showing, and when I looked at his hurt foot I realized how bad things were for him. More than half off his rear left foot, up to the joint on his leg, was gone. There was no fur or skin left, just exposed bone peeking out from raw flesh, and only one toe still intact. His tail was also mangled, with what looked like a slightly fresher wound — still bleeding — while his foot was mostly just red and raw without much blood left.


The verdict at the vet was that our pup was about 3 years old, way underweight at just over 7 pounds, needed fluids and food immediately, and that his injury was very likely caused by a car. The nurse speculated that if it wasn't a direct hit, this kind of injury could have happened on a skid — for instance, the dog may have only been slightly hit but thrown out of the way by the force of the vehicle, skidding on the road in a way that could have torn off parts of him if he landed on them and impact-burned the skin from his leg.

All in all a pretty gruesome injury. They said the injury looked to be a few weeks old, and that amputation within a week would be necessary in order for him to heal cleanly.

Illustration for article titled Lets Help Out A Dog

The final quote for his surgery, including a couple of nights stay at the vet, came out to $1000 flat. I paid for an initial round of antibiotics and that day's vet visit, which was a smaller amount not included in the surgery quote.

Jacquie took him in that night and has been finding him foster homes to stay in ever since. She's put together a fundraising campaign for the $1k that just hit Facebook yesterday. It already has about a third of the surgery funds raised, but has only 4 days left to raise the rest. Anything over, if the fundraising platform allows it, will be able to be put towards LUXE Paws and further care for this little dog while he's recuperating from surgery and while Jacquie works to place him in a permanent home.

This little guy is adorable, loving, and surprisingly well-adjusted for a dog that's spent weeks barely surviving on the street with a major injury. He deserves a shot at a new life. Contributing to this fundraising campaign is a concrete way to make the world a little bit better. When he's back in shape and adopted, I have no doubt he'll bring joy to his new family, and get the love back that he deserves.


So, yes, this isn't really a car-related story, but as a guy who has a 3-legged dog already, I have a sort of soft spot for them and would love to see things work out happily here.

Thanks, everybody!

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The real problem to anyone owning a pet is that veterinarians have elevated their status to the point that they charge more money than human doctors.And they don't have the massive overhead and government regulations to answer to.

Small wonder the owner of this poor injured dog cannot be found,they probably couldn't afford the thousands it would cost, for what?