Don't Worry About Getting The Dents Out Of The Ferrari

It hurts, I know. That was a really nice Ferrari FF crunched under a truck.


There's a good chance the person who bought this FF for around $300,000 new won't keep it after it's been crunched, even though it's not the worst injury it could've sustained. But it'd gues this Ferrari will be up for sale soon.

What do you do with a car like this, though, that's now been made famous by the internet? It'll show up on the vehicle history that this FF was involved in some kind of accident. And should you really want to buy a Ferrari that's been in any kind of accident?

Shane Elliott has the Springfield solution that'll explain the problem to any potential new owner:

Man, those are just speed holes.


Wait, so they'll make the FF go faster? And it's famous? Where do I sign?!

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