Is Public Electric Car Charging A Viable Thing?

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Is There Any Business Model For Public Electric-Car Charging?Green Car Reports


Nice insight from our friends over at Green Car Reports.

Suppose there's no way for businesses to make money on public electric-car charging stations—even with DC quick-charging?

Then what?

Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of MoneyThe Billfold

Stop the rental car menace.

At Chipotle, a place where I have eaten roughly three times a month for the last ten years, I sometimes ask the cashier for “a little cup for water.” Then I walk over to the soda fountain and fill it up with Sprite. (I choose Sprite because it is clear and looks the most like water, so if a worker walks past, he or she won’t suspect it is a stolen drink.) At most Chipotles, the water and the lemonade come from the same tap at the soda fountain, and to get the water you have to pull on a little lever. Sometimes, to distract potential witnesses of my crime, I will even pretend to pull on the water lever as I am filling my cup up with Sprite. I am basically a monster.


The LAG GalaxyHooniverse


I just thought this was cool. I thought you would too. Enjoy.

Until the early 1970′s, the bus and coach market in the UK was pretty well satisfied by our own domestic bodybuilders. Companies like Duple and Plaxton had the luxury coach market pretty well to themselves. It wouldn’t last for ever, though. As time moved on continental manufacturers, many of which came from the BeNeLux area began to get a toehold in the UK. LAG were one of many European coachbuilders whos products began to turn up on our roads from the late ’70s onwards.


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