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If You're At VIR This Weekend Come Find Jalopnik

Illustration for article titled If Youre At VIR This Weekend Come Find iJalopnik/i

This weekend is the big SCCA 13-hour Charge of the Headlight Brigade at Virginia International Raceway and three of your favorite Jalopnik writers are reuniting with our old friends for the race. You don't want to miss it.


That's right, Patrick George, Travis Okulski and myself will be gorging ourselves on meat products with Paul, Chris, Jerry, Sacha, Byron, Marty, Nathan, Bill and the rest of the crew you've already been introduced to.


A few things to know:

  • We're going to get on the podium this time.
  • We've got a big red van (look for the Mercedes Sprinter)
  • They painted the Miata.

Planning on going? Drop us a note in the comments.

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Travis Okulski

None of those Jalopnik writers are my favorite Jalopnik writers.