Oregon Police Find A Way To Issue Tickets That's Actually Helpful

Ticketing a driver for a vehicle violation gives them no good incentive to fix the broken taillight, headlight, or whatever. Eugene, Oregon's new citation system is much, much better.

Basically, instead of just giving out violation tickets, Eugene cops offer a citation to fix whatever part of your car that's broken. You enroll in a $50 "Vehicle Compliance Program," prove that the offending part is fixed, and then you get your citation dismissed.

It means you don't get tickets on your license, and it means you have an incentive to get your car fixed, rather than just pay a series of fines, as EPD officer Gregg Magnus explained to KEZI 9 News in the video above.


(Hat tip to ScootScoot!)

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Is this really unusual in the US?

Here in Ontario we call it a "fix it ticket". You get a ticket for noisy muffler, illegal tint, etc. and you can either show up in court with proof you fixed it or pay the fine..