The Falcon X Is A Fancy Private Jet Designed With A Freaking Skylight

Dassault is calling the $45 million Falcon X the most advanced yet, and it's easy to see their point. It's fast, cheap, efficient, advanced, luxurious. Ignore all that. It has a freaking skylight! Why isn't this in every plane?

Sure, it has space for 16 of your closest friends, family or business associates. According to the company's specs, it can fly as high as 51,000 feet, has a maximum range of 5,200 nautical miles or a maximum speed of Mach .90. And that's all really competitive for the class.


According to Aviation Week, it's noticeably lighter and more efficient than its rivals, which means lower operating costs. See, it's a sensible choice already.

But the big story Dassault is pushing is this: a skylight. Yes, this is a first for aviation according to Business Insider. Because looking out of a little hole in the side of the plane is so... commercial flight. Why settle when you can have the cabin of your private jet bathed in natural light from above. Because you should never have to feel claustrophobic on a plane, if you can afford your own that is.


Photos: Dassault

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