Holy Hell There's A $2 Million Bertone Mantide In Massachusetts

The Bertone Mantide was introduced in 2009 and based on the Corvette ZR1. There were supposed to be 10 of them built, and they are slightly more expensive than a ZR1 at $2 million each. There's one in Massachusetts. And the owner, who is a hero, drives it.


These images popped up on Facebook earlier today, and they show the white, Jason Castriota-designed Mantide on the highway, just driving along, like it's a car.

Wait a minute. It is a car!

Great to see something like this actually being driven, not kept in a bubble in a garage so it will grow in value. Good on you, Mr. Mantide-owning hero guy.


Photo Credit: Alex Groza

Hat Tip to Mike Juergens!

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