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Nissan To Offer Repair Updates On Your Vehicle Via Video

In an effort to increase trust between the service department and customers, Nissan is introducing video-walkthroughs of vehicles to be shown to customers before work is performed.


Their new "eVision" service basically involves techs making a quick iPhone video of a customer car, pointing out what needs attention, then e-mailing said video to the customer for review before the work is approved.

A "green-yellow-red" scale of repair-necessity will be included along with a cost estimate of the work. You know, exactly like the piece of paper and live walk-through you get if you're at the service center in person.


So this won't mean much if you perform your own maintenance or wait on-site while someone else does the dirty work, but it could be nice for those who drop off their cars and move on to other engagements. Anyone who's had a phone call from a mechanic telling you your brake pads/serpentine belt/flux capacitor is "looking pretty worn" would surely appreciate technology like this coming into the main stream.

It's also a win for honest mechanics, who could use this tool to debunk negative stereotypes about their revenue-generating practices. For the moment, it's only for the UK.

Does your dealer/mechanic do anything similar?

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As a tech, I love this idea. I wish showing the customer stuff was just standard. The times I say "well I can show you" I often get this awkward exchange where they think I think they think I was trying to rip them off. Just make it so the customer sees the problem no matter what. If you get your pads replaced, you get a picture of the worn pads being measured. Bad ball joint? You get a video of the ball joint having play in it.

In this day and age, why not?

It would also be good for those customers that just automatically reject EVERYTHING you find during the standard inspection because they assume it's an upsell. The sketchy stuff you let leave the shop is one of my least favourite parts of the job, and half the time the customer just plain doesn't believe you when you say the part needed replacing.