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Kimi Raikkonen, Eccentric Mumbler, Mumbles At People Not To Shout

Kimi "Mumbles" Raikkonen, a Formula One driver of few words, is known for being calm and collected on the track. So when his boss yells at him to "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY," all you hear back is "don't shout," followed by a few more mumbles.

Most team radio conversations we get to hear are pretty boring. We hear things like "save your tires" or "you're doing great" or "box box box." Pretty boring, standard stuff. So when we get to hear the delightful goings-on of Mr. Raikkonen at the Indian Grand Prix this morning, we can't help but enjoy them.


It's not exactly clear what spurred this polite exchange between colleagues, but it looks like Kimi was trying to race against teammate Romain Grosjean despite being on bad tires and the fact that FatJohn was two seconds a lap quicker.

I've listened to the recording at least three times, maybe over a hundred (thousand?) times, and I'm still not exactly sure what Kimi is saying. I've done my best to transcribe all of it:


Don't shout. At fucking mumblesmumbles whenIwentouthaveachancemumblesmumbles passport.


At least he didn't tell them to leavehimaloneheknowswhathe'sdoing. Kimi Raikkonen, you are the best.

H/t to Menebrio!

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Dr. Monkeypants

Actually HERE's what was said:


"Please, for the love of all that is decent in the world, do not use that type of language with me on a open communication channel. I am doing the best that I can with this automobile that has been intentionally crippled in an attempt to inhibit my ability to compete on a level playing field now that I've found a different team that will support me. The approaching turn is very high speed and narrow and it would not be prudent for me to alter my driving line at the moment, but as soon as I have a chance to I'll get out of the way of the lesser driver that you're fostering, despite the fact that he's just a fucking crashmonkey."