Does This Pink Radar Detector Take Breast-Cancer Branding Too Far?

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I'm happy to support the advancement of medicine, but this pink radar detector by ESCORT feels like a stretch in co-branding at best, a dilution of the "pink ribbon" message at worst.

Whether pink-saturation helps or hurts the Susan G. Komen Foundation is its own argument, but I have to seriously question the value in their partnering with a device designed to help users defy authority.

I can see the plea now— "Officer I know radar detectors are illegal here, but surely you can excuse this transgression on account of my supporting a worthy cause while I tried to evade you!"


See further details in the press release and let us know if this is righteous or rotten.

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I think you are off base with this. Radar detectors are not, fundamentally, illegal. What is wrong with escort donating to women's cancers?

The NFL plasters everything in pink, but that is apparently a token gesture, with minuscule actual dollars going to fight cancer. One might also argue we have guys giving each other concussions to raise awareness/money for cancer. Is that too far?

If you have an issue with escort's product, then that issue should transcend something that amounts to a special edition. Its not like they sell breast cancer branded hand guns. Or hello kitty radar detectors, though I would totally buy a hello kitty radar detector, cops would never suspect it.