For $2,500, Wake Up Rip Van Volvo

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

What’s the longest you’ve ever slept? Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Volvo has that beat, as it’s been inactive for two decades. Will that fact make its price a rude awakening?

Have you ever had a really big poop, one that’s so gargantuan and peppered with seemingly indestructible corn that you wanted to share its remarkable existence with others? Have you likewise noticed that, upon announcing your feat, no one else really - how should I put this - gives a shit?


That was kind of the reaction that yesterday’s custom V8-powered VW Squareback received as while nobody truly thought the car was all that shitty, fully 73% of you considered its price to be.

Imagine the dump you’d have to take after having nodded off for over 20 years. That’d be one hell of a food coma, and most likely someone would have taken you for dead and buried you long before you woke up.

Luckily for today’s 1968 Volvo 144 no one decided to plant it at any time during its two-decades of down time. At present it may only be half awake, and it’s obviously in need of some help to get to regain full consciousness, but it’s an old Volvo, so how hard could that be?


Considering its '80s role as the ride of choice for everything from annoying hipster to tweedy-coated college professor, it’s surprising to remember that the 140-series debuted all the way back in the summer of 1966. Back then the base cars were powered by Volvo’s rock solid B18. That OHV 1,778-cc four provided 75-bhp when fitted with a single carb, and when rocking twin SU sidedraughts like on this S model, it turned up the wick to 100 ponies.


Backing up that B18B here is Volvo’s M40 4-speed. Disc brakes take on clamping duties at all four corners, and this cool Swede came equipped with A/C. Winnah, winnah, chicken dinnah!


Well, there is that whole bit about the 107,000 mile car having sat unused for the past 20 years. That means that all the rubber bits, as well as all the fluids and gasses and greases, are all as hard as the ribbon candy in that bowl your grandma’s, and just as unappetizing.

But hey, it’s a Volvo, and you can’t kill those, just ask a Moose. It’s descibed as being totally rust free and while it’s dirtier than a Miley Cyrus dance, you know how to wash a car right? Fixing the underhood bits that have gone fallow in there twenty years of stasis shouldn’t really raise a sweat either, unless you’re ill equipped to tackle changing belts and hoses and making sure the carbs are still sync’d. You have a short length of garden hose for that, don’t you?


This old Volvo - with the exception of its bargain basement plastic hubcaps from another era - looks to be a solid citizen and you’ll love the little toggle outside door latches these early cars came with.


The question is, while it will probably outlast us all, it does need something more than just a cup of coffee and a slap in the face to shake off its epic slumber. That will take some effort and cash, and might affect the consideration of its present asking price, which is $2,500.

What’s your take on that price for this presently half-awake 144? Is that a good deal for a solid start? Or, does that price have you nodding off?


You decide!


Sarasota Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to jtfarabeefor the hookup!

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