For $14,500, Hide In Plain Sight

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It’s not often you come across a three for one deal. Two for one sure, but three for one? Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is three cars in one, but will its price have you saying it’s also three times too expensive?

Let’s check off some boxes, shall we? Buttery smooth rotary engine- check. Sexy two-seater body with pop-up headlights? Check-check. Fabric roof that when dropped allows unfettered access to the skies and the potential of looking up Sandra Bullock’s space skirt? You bet that’s a check.


Yes sir, yesterday’s 1988 RX-7 pencilled in a lot of the right bubbles, and while it may have represented the fattest, and hence the slowest of the RX-7 clan, 94% of you still thought its price was equally phat.

Huey Lewis once musically averred that it was hip to be square. Of course, when was the last time you paid money to listen to him, so maybe his opinion is less than worthy. Still, today’s wild 1972 Volkswagen Squareback is a car that you should be hip to, because it’s one, two, three times the crazy.

Why is that you say?


Well, when you plunk down the Benjamins for it, you’re actually getting three cars all rolled into one. First, there’s the Squareback, and who doesn’t love VW’s classic two-door wagon? Next up is Chevy’s S-10, the best part of which - the frame - has been kept, and everything else has been flushed down the crapper. Third, there’s a ’91 Firebird Trans Am thrown into the mix, nominally for its Fuelie V8 and 700r4 transmission.

Yeah, never again say I coulda’ shoulda' woulda' had a V8 when buying a Squareback. The question of course is what Trans Am V8 is this as I believe '91 offered hot editions of both the 305 and 350. Either way the engine here is probably a far bit more baller than the car's original flat four.


Along with the most interesting parts of the Firebird's drivetrain, this Vee dub seems to have also inherited that car's instrument cluster which appears to have been lain into some sort of home brew dash. A new console covers the tranny and driveshaft, something the formerly rear-engined Square never needed before.


On the outside there's surprisingly little visual indication of the swap in powering ends. Yes there is a small grille that has been tidily integrated into the front facia, and which gives the car a very happy expression. Out back the builder has shrewdly ended the car with an upturned stinger exhaust, a common tact on VWs and the tail pipe equivalent of an exclamation mark.


Paint is two-tone and there's a roof rack to make up for the boot now being full of Chevy. The former engine bay now seems to be full of gas tank, by the way. Down below, the Centerlines (I think) and tires are said to be new. A Vintage HVAC system makes this a four-season car.

This is in fact a really interesting hot rod. Its makeup is pretty much the route that a lot of home builders go - S10 frame, sourced hot mill, classic body. The only difference here is that instead of a fiberglass '32 Deuce, or other vintage American, this rod is all Squareback. That's so different!


It's now up to you to say whether this custom Vee-dub's $14,500 asking price also needs to be different. What do you say, is that a deal for what looks to be a well sorted and very unique car? Or, is that too much even for three cars?

You decide!


Huntsville Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to RotorHead for the hookup!

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