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A spacey German man who had just married the woman of his dreams promptly got a reason to apologize for the rest of his marriage when he left his new bride at a gas station and drove off. For two hours. Yes, two hours.


He managed to get 125 miles away before he stopped to ask himself where his wife was, according to the AFP. One would think that the first question to pop into her head would be whether or not he had some sort of massive freak out and instead of leaving her at the altar he decided to just leave her at a gas station, but apparently Germans are not neurotic like me. Instead, his wife had another question:

"My first reaction was: is he stupid?" the 33-year-old bride recalled on private radio station FFH about being left stranded by the side of the Autobahn highway.


The answer is probably yes.

Apparently he didn't realize she had gotten out of their minivan to go use the facilities while he was filling up with fuel, and happily drove off without her. The whole time he just assumed she had moved to the back seats to take a quick nap.

She couldn't call him as, you know, she just got married and wedding gowns don't exactly have pockets for cell phones or anything. (Note to self: invent wedding gown/cargo shorts hybrid. Everyone will love it and hail you as a genius.)

When he realized his wife was missing he called the police to file a report, because apparently he thought someone had stolen her from the car somewhere in his two-hour solitary highway jaunt, who informed him that she had already contacted them and then probably laughed.


He managed to pick her up from the same gas station five hours after he initially departed her.

And yet, somehow, she ain't even mad:

The wife told the radio station she didn't hold a grudge. "I'm not angry with my husband," she said. "He didn't mean it."


Ah, German romance.

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