Texas, an already well-known culinary paradise where nothing is considered un-fryable, just got a little bit better this afternoon after the Texas Motor Speedway announced it will offer a bacon-infused beer milkshake as a concession.


I'll let you take that concept swirl around in your brain and stimulate your taste buds for just a moment. Bacon-infused beer milkshake. There is now a tasty delight that combines the three most important food groups — beer, ice cream and bacon — and can be enjoyed while one watches auto racing.

Today is a special day.

Autoweek reports that the sure-to-be-delicious drink will be available during the NASCAR AAA Texas 500 the weekend of Oct. 31. Dubbed the Shake n' Bake Bacon Brew, it consists of six ounces of Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager, six ounces of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream (if you're Texan you know how fantastic that is), and two ounces of bacon-infused maple syrup all mixed together in a blender.

Created by Levy Restaurants' executive chef and Greatest Living American Joel Pena, the Shake n' Bake Bacon Brew retails for $10, a small price to pay when one considers how many lives it has the potential to change for the better.

Craft beer, ice cream, and bacon. To paraphrase something we say in Texas — come and drink it!

Hat tip to Nascarcasm on Twitter!

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