The Silver Lining Of A Badly Painted Ferrari

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People do terrible things to nice cars all the time. Sometimes they crash them, put stupid stick-on chrome bits or watch them burn. All we can do is see them and scream, "Why God, why?"


That brings us to today. Young L, who appears to be a very successful Bay Area rapper, decided to paint his Ferrari 458 Italia in a color scheme originally suited for a 1980s jogging suit. I think it looks ridiculous, but I don't own a 458 so I guess I wouldn't turn it down if suddenly Young L decides to give it up for free and replace it with an R8 in a similar color scheme.

Mailbox Cancer thinks this garish Ferrari is a sign of promising things to come.Well, promising is debatable:


– this is too fuckin' cool. Everybody nowadays wants to be reminded of the times when neon colors and black-white-composition-book textures were the high fashion. It's all coming back –

› Reissue of Air Jordans

› M83 / Daft Punk / Empire of the Sun / Synth Resurgence

› A massive spike in John Hughes movie sales

› Heather fabric on every surface

› White-rim aviator shades

› Glossy hot-pink enamel paint on residential front doors, laptop shells, phone cases, your dog's face

I could drive all day in that Ferrari blasting some Midnight City in a white super deep v-neck.

If neon colors are in again, could that mean prices of Ford Probes in teal is set to rise? Now that's going to be a good investment.


Congratulations, Mr. Mailbox Cancer, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a beautiful red Ferrari which this lovely lady will deliver to you in a few days.