This Has To Be The Worst Ferrari 458 Italia Paint Job Ever

Lots of people like to rag on the looks of modern Ferraris, but I'm a pretty big fan of the 458 Italia. It's sexy, aggressive and modern — until you paint it up like the background from an early 90s elementary school portrait, that is. I didn't think you could get worse than the 458 Speciale, but here we are.


These photos come to us from the parking lot of a high school in Pleasanton, California. We don't know who this car belongs to, or why they would decide that painting a silver 458 with pink, green and blue accents was a good idea. I almost don't want to know.

The back of the car bears the logo of the Pink Dolphin Clothing Company, apparently a new clothing boutique in the Bay Area. Perhaps this Ferrari belongs to one of the company's young entrepreneurs.

I wish them luck with their business endeavor, but I also encourage them to leave their Ferraris alone next time.


Hat tip to Leslie for the photos!

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