Bro Steals Truck, Kidnaps Woman, Rams Cars, Blames It On GTA V

You know, bro, Grand Theft Auto V is pretty badass. But sometimes it's not enough and you gotta try that shit in real life by stealing a truck, kidnapping an innocent lady, and then ramming some parked cars. Know what I mean, bro?


At least, that's the excuse this bro, 20-year-old Zachary Burgess, gave to police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after being arrested on charges of motor vehicle theft, nine counts of hit-and-run, and kidnapping, according to this NBC 33 report.

Police in Baton Rouge say Burgess — a freshman lacrosse player at Auburn University in town for a game against Louisiana State University — walked up to a running truck with a woman inside near the LSU campus around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 21 and stole it with her still inside.

Burgess, forcibly holding the woman captive, attempted to flee the parking lot, but several cars blocked his exit. So Burgess did what anyone would do in this situation: he began ramming into the cars with the stolen truck, police say.

The woman managed to jump out of the truck and get to safety, but Burgess drove away and later abandoned the truck. He was held by some witnesses until police took him into custody. He was later released on bond, which was set at $80,000.


When asked by police why he did what he is accused of doing, Burgess reportedly said he “wanted to see what it was really like to play the video game Grand Theft Auto.”

Didn't work out so well for you, did it, bro?

Photo credit NBC33

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