The SRT Viper Needs You To Name Its New Blue Color

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Everyone, the SRT Viper needs help! Well, Chrysler needs you to buy more Vipers for a start. But now they need a name for a color. Are they just being nice by asking what car people think?

Well, whatever it is, they need a name for this fetching shade of blue that the 2014 Viper will come in. And there are very simple instructions to submit your idea for something creative (not Blueberry or Viper Blue) on SRT's website:

Think up a creative name that captures the essence of this non-metallic, straight-shade color, complete the entry form, and submit it for your chance to win.


And... what do you win? Well, it's a trip to the 2014 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, otherwise known as a lovely vacation for two.

If you have a good name, you have from now through October 24. Then the best names will be open to voting between November 4 through 11.

May the best name win. And don't say they never asked you what you thought of the blue color's name.

Photo: Chrysler

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Blue Coral



Also: Blue Coral Snake.