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Watching This Rolls Royce Become Ugly Is Stupefyingly Mesmerizing

Wraps are a big thing these days when it comes to car customizing. It's an easy way to change a color without paint, which makes them ideal for when you want to sell the car and people don't want a teal and chartreuse Ferrari 430. It's also entrancing to watch them getting applied.


This time lapse shows MS Motors transforming a Rolls Royce Ghost into a Rolls Royce Ghost "Gold Edition." That means they apply a gold and black wrap to a nicely understated silver Ghost and then throw on some giant wheels because every car needs giant wheels.


Now, I'm not one to judge a personal taste in cars. You want a gold Ghost with huge wheels? I find it ugly, but if it makes you happy then you keep on being you.


What I find amazing is the application of the wrap and watching them do it. There is such care and precision with this that you just don't see when the finished product rolls by you on the street. I find it truly fascinating and could watch it for hours. It almost relaxes me in some weird, car pervert sort of way.

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I like it. That satin color looks good contrasted with the gloss.

Here is ugly: