What The Hell Was This Jeep Doing On The Track During The Korean GP?

I've held off writing up anything today about the Formula One Korean Grand Prix before the re-broadcast this afternoon, but this was just too weird to pass up. This has to be one of the most bizarre incidents in F1 in recent memory.


(SPOILER ALERT: Race spoilers are below.)

Mark Webber's Red Bull caught fire after being crashed into by Adrian Sutil, and Webber duly pulled over. The track officials then decided to send out this Jeep, which was carrying fire fighting equipment, onto the track ahead of the entire pack of race cars, before the safety car could get out. In the middle of the race. The race with the F1 cars. That are moving very, very fast.


There's a reason the Safety Car is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and it's not just because it looks good. It's because it needs to keep up.

The FIA is gonna be pissed.

[UPDATE]: The FIA has admitted responsibility, saying that it made the call to the Jeep to head out of the pits, according to Autosport. Apparently they didn't think it would get out of the pits just so damn fast. The FIA has commissioned a report, because that's what it does. (Thanks NickDavisGB and Gunneh!)


H/t to Aya, Now With Rotary Saloon!




Couldn't sleep, watched the race. Boring as usual. Pirelli tires are junk, Vettel is turning into a major douche nozzle with his degrading comments. Time for Good Year to come back to F1.

Has anyone heard anything more on the Minardi allegations Red Bull is using traction control. Can't say I would be surprised if they did but have no proof.