These Laughing Subway Conductors Will Make You Feel All Good Inside

Subway conductors in New York City are required to point at a sign on the platform at all hours of the day, everyday, to show they're paying attention. They do it robotically. So why not try and make them laugh?


These people took some time and stood under the signs with signs of their own. Signs that called the conductors sexy and asked if they were wearing pants. These are also known as humorous signs.

A lot of these conductors that you see are jaded folks, but that's probably from the monotony of pointing at a sign day after day. It's good to see them happy and laughing.



I'm gonna be "that guy" for a minute, only a minute. The only one I didn't really like was the "point here if you've taken a selfie while driving." Only because corporations are assholes and could use that as fodder to get you fired, since depending on how strong they wanted to push it, could be used as an "admission of guilt."

Now to not be "that guy."
In reality I thought they were all hilarious and this is a great idea.