Nitrous Is All Well And Good Until It Burns A Corvette To The Ground

Fast & Furious has had a pretty profound impact on modern car culture, the biggest of which is am appreciation of just how great nitrous is. And it is great, until it burns a poor C6 Corvette to the ground.


This happened at the Texas Mile over the weekend. While a Ford GT was breaking records and hearts with runs nearing 280 MPH, this Corvette was hitting 180 in the mile, which is still not slow.


On his last run, driver Buddy Schulz has a huge engine failure that appears to be related to the nitrous injection. He shuts down the power, stops, and scrambles out of the car, which is what you normally do when your vehicle is being engulfed in flames.

Sad to see a Vette die like this, but it's great to see the driver get out unscathed.

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Travis my good man. N20 is not flammable. Nitrous Oxide is an Oxidizer. That's what air (the oxygen in it) is to wood which allows the wood to burn in a camp fire.
Nitrous Oxide just gives an engine a hell of a lot more oxygen than it normally gets from the atmosphere which in turn allows you to run a lot more fuel. This is why a wet nitrous kit has a nitrous and a fuel line going to the nozzle. The extra fuel is there to cover the introduction of the nitrous. You would lean out your engine otherwise.

Having headlines like this is just fanning the flames of anti-car modding stupidity. You have the general public believe this shit, and then the laws follow.

So in short, nitrous is not flammable and did not burn this corvette to the ground anymore than air burns wood in your fireplace.