Watch How This Team Got A Ford GT To Do 278 MPH At The Texas Mile

265.2 MPH in a Russian Lamborghini Gallardo? Please, that's so yesterday. The new king on the field is a 2,000 hp Ford GT, the same car that set Hennessey's previous record. After the announcement on Monday, the team sent us a new video showing more of how they've done it.


Here's what the proud owner had to say about it:

The Ford GT was built and tuned by M2K Motorsports out of Fulshear, Texas. This is the same car that held the previous record at the Texas Mile at speeds of 257.7mph, 263.3mph and 267.6mph. After the last event the car was brought back home and disassembled at my house after an understanding was reached between Hennessey Motorsports and me. This project turned into way more then any of us could have expected and since the car had been built after hours by Kevin Kesterson the decision was made to build at our own place. No disrespect to Hennessey and appreciate the use of a lift but the time had come not to take up more of their time and space and start preparing this monster at a shop our own. Months of hard work getting M2K Motorsports ready to tackle such a task and with the skill of Kevin Kesterson turning the wrenches and a new fuel system and one pissed off motor from John Mihovetz with a new set of cams, the time came to install a professional tune by Shane T. with ST Consulting. The results speak volume once the team got it all together, a NEW TEXAS MILE RECORD was broken in Beeville, Texas with a speed of 278.2mph!!!!

Thanks M2K Motorsports!!!!

Mark Heidaker
Ford GT Car Owner

If it was the Cold War, I would say game on Russia.


Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)

*Rant on how ridiculous straightline speed records are and that they should try their talent on the Nürburgring.

*Rant on how pointless Nürburgring laptimes are.

*Rant on "because racecar".

*Rant. Just for the rant.