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TV Spot For BMW i3

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Munich. The TV campaign for the BMW i3, the BMW Group's first series-produced, pure-electric vehicle, got underway on last weekend in all relevant European markets. The BMW i3 will debut on the market on 16 November 2013.


The BMW i3 TV commercial "Decisions" opens over the skyscrapers of Chicago; the camera swoops down to focus in on two cars driving side-by-side through the backstreets of the city – a BMW i3 and a BMW i8. The narrator talks about the future-shaping decisions the company had to make to reinvent the automobile from the ground up – to create an electric vehicle with a passenger cell made of carbon fibre offering a range of intelligent mobility services. Each fundamental choice is visualised as the cars change direction at junctions. As the decisions become more concrete and more detailed, the camera zooms in closer on the BMW i3.

The camera finally peers inside the car through the rear window. It shows the interior as it drives with the viewer along the road. Now, at the latest, it becomes clear what is unique about this commercial: It is a so-called "one taker", with no breaks in the film to interrupt the camera's long flight, which starts over the roofs of the city and continues through the car to reveal the BMW i3 in all its uniqueness at the end.


This seamless camera tracking was made possible using a helicopter in combination with the latest cinema-quality 3D animation technology. The BMW i TV commercial was shot on location in Chicago. The creative agency responsible is Dorten (Berlin/Stuttgart), with film production by Hochkant Film (Munich). The music comes from young Munich band Claire with their track "Horizon".

Uwe Dreher, responsible for global marketing communications for the BMW i, sums up: "The new TV spot is the highpoint of our BMW i3 launch campaign. The viewer experiences the lengthy decision-making process behind the BMW i3 in fast motion, so that, at the end, it feels like you are right inside the car. The film will make viewers eager to experience for themselves the fascinating and unique driving feeling and typical BMW driving pleasure the electric BMW i3 has to offer."

The team also produced a number of short films to communicate specific product information about the BMW i3. These focus on the BMW i3's unique key features, such as BMW eDrive, BMW Connected Drive, interior design and home charging. The six 15-second spots are designed to showcase the BMW i3's everyday driveability and encourage viewers to take a test drive to discover the BMW i3 for themselves.

Source: BMW

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