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This Is What It's Like Racing A Classic Mercedes At The Nurburgring

You have a Mercedes 220 Fintail. You also have a race at the Nurburgring, F1 ace David Coulthard, and Chris Harris. What that adds up to is a simply epic recipe.


Mercedes kindly invited Chris Harris to go to the Nurburgring to race this beautiful 200 Fintail along with David Coulthard. You'd think, as a racing driver, that Coulthard has been around the Nurburgring a number of time, but that's not totally true.

His total number of laps is somewhere in the baker's dozen range. That's not a lot. Also, this Mercedes is around 20 seconds off the pace of the next slowest car. This is a long one, but a damn good one.



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The cars sounded sweet...when i could hear them! Just shut up and let the cars do the talking please.