Great news everyone! The latest Bentley Home collection means you don't have to sleep in your long-wheelbase Mulsanne anymore.

High-end car manufacturers like to squeeze out a few thousand extra dollars of their wealthy costumers by offering a wide range of fancy furniture. You know, just in case somebody couldn't live without the quilted diamond pattern of their Bentley's interior. Forget Ikea, these pieces come with their own assembly team, all dressed as butlers to make sure you don't hurt yourself.

Let me talk you through your next ivory and taupe colored home:

The bed above is called Canterbury. That's where the principal leader of the Church of England is, yes. But I bet he doesn't have a duvet cover made from wood pulp. They say it feels very luxurious.

You're looking for a modern coffee table with a steel structure and a complimentary gun-metal grey finish with onyx or leather coating? That would be the Harlow.

Need some storage space for spark plugs, tools and some WD40 for the bi-turbo? The Sherbourne & Kingsbridge leather-coated cabinets seem to be the right choice for the job with veneered fronts, lacquered interiors and crystal shelves.

The Madeley & Kendal is the pair of a large oval or round meeting table with chairs embellished with leather and the Bentley logo. In case you need to discuss important matters.

Finally, this piece is part of the Richmond family of sofas and armchairs. If they had the Richmond of south west London in mind, sitting in it must feel like still having the colonies. You read more about it in their hilarious press release.

Photo credit: Bentley