Watch An Old Man Drift A CL55 AMG Around The Nürburgring

With a tuned 620 horsepower, even this old man can drift a CL55 AMG around the daunting Nürburgring. And this isn't the pansy GP course — this is the proper Green Hell.


The driver is 54-year-old Werner Gusenbauer and he's not your typical drift kid, but a driving instructor with over 30 years of experience, multiple drift event wins, and a number of other accolades, at least according to his website bio and his Facebook profile.

I just wanted to bring this all up because there's been a CL55 in the news lately. While most people think of these cars as depreciated shells of pre-Recession chintzy luxury, they're still very capable machines.

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Just want to point out that as I approach 43 years old, 54 no longer seems "old". Now get off my lawn.