A good paint job can improve the aesthetic of a car. Some say the correct shade of red adds at least five horsepower. All I know is these are the best colors you can order today.

10.) Aston Martin Viridian Green

British sports cars deserve British Racing Green, right? Nope. That's just as big of a cliche as ordering a Ferrari in Rosso Corsa. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice color, but also pretty boring. Viridian Green adds a bit of mint to your Earl Grey.

Suggested By: Braggadocio_Jones, Photo Credit: Aston Martin

9.) Cadillac Black Diamond

Under artificial light, it's dark gray full of sparkling metal. Take it for a spin, and it gets black. The best choice for GM's flagships.

Cadillac also knows how to do a good blue.

Suggested By: Jay_Hoff, Photo Credit: DrivingtheNortheast

8.) Audi Nardo Grey

Gunship grey for German Autobahn destroyers.

Suggested by: ShibbyUTman, Photo Credit: Audi

7.) Corvette Lime Rock Green

Still looking for something closer to British Racing Green? Chevrolet can help. Personally, I would go for their blue...

Suggested By: For Sweden , Photo Credit: Mike Magrath

6.) Ford Tangerine Scream

The old Focus ST come with something called Electric Orange. Tangerine Scream is the same idea turned to eleven, and the good news is that Subaru does it too.

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: Trip Ulvila

5.) Lamborghini Bianco Canopus

The Aventador was made to prove that white can be awesome, and not just if you live in a desert.

If you don't have $397,500, get yourself an Oxford White Focus ST.

Suggested By: 6shelBfan6, Photo Credit: Benoit cars

4.) Mustang Gotta Have It Green

It's just about crazy enough for a modern muscle car.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Brett Levin Photography

3.) McLaren Volcano Orange

I know, I know, Papaya (McLaren) Orange all the way. You are right when it comes to an F1 GTR. The MP4 12C on the other hand is something new, and Volcano Orange suits it nicely. It's got tons of depth.

If you want more orange options, check out what BMW, Jeep or Jaguar has to offer.

Suggested By: Bob Wills is King, Photo Credit: Benoit cars

2.) BMW Monte Carlo Blue

I love BMW's Estoril Blue, but most of you voted for the Monte Carlo, which is a slightly darker shade. Fair enough.

Suggested By: AndrewH, Photo Credit: Benoit cars

1.) SRT Viper Striking Red

Starts off orange and with 6 coats of red clear, it becomes awesome. Here's the whole process:

Still, give me an SRT Viper in any color and I will be a happy man. (I'm in Europe!)

Suggested By: guitarguru23

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Top Photo Credit: Aston Martin