Okay, hypocrisy time. After I called out that Pink Dolphin Ferrari 458 Italia as the worst Ferrari paint job ever, you might think I also hate that EDM producer Deadmau5 wants to wrap his 458 in Nyan Cat livery. Except I don't because this is AMAZING.


As first reported over at Zero2Turbo, the Canadian purveyor of house music has indicated on his Instagram account that he is designing a 458 Italia wrap that will pay homage to one of the Internet's greatest memes, Nyan Cat, also known as Pop Tart Cat.

Maybe I'm biased because your Jalopnik staff listens to Nyan Cat on 10-hour repeat throughout the workday, and studies say that starts to kill brain cells after the eighth week or so, but I think this is great and I really, really hope he goes for it. It's ridiculous, immediately recognizable, and totally subversive. An Italian exotic painted up with a rainbow pop tart cat meme on the sides and hood? This absolutely needs to happen.

Do it, Deadmau5! Do it and send us the pictures when you're done!

Hat tip to Michael!


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