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Can You Have A Manual And Eat Your Burrito Too?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Life is busy these days. Some would argue too busy. That's why so many things have been made easier and less of a hassle than before. But is that really a good thing?

A lot of Jalops would say no. Every new car now has power windows because a simple crank is too difficult. They're all fitted with enough computing power to get to the moon, probably. We're losing our manualness, and our manuals.


After seeing Travis' words on the death of the gated shifter, fritzo bemoaned the oversimplification of things in life:

Anything easier will always take the place of anything that requires effort, and not always with better results.

- Computers used to be used by smart people. They've become so simplified now that people that barely know how to use a doorknob use them.
- Learning to play an instrument and singing used to be difficult and require dedication and practice. Now idiots just tap light squares on synthesizers and auto-tune their voice to make music.
- Driving a manual required you to think about what the car is going and how you need to react to it. Automatic transmissions meant you just had to steer. This frees you to play around with the radio, eat a burrito, apply makeup, etc.


Which is all true. But maybe it's just skill that makes people think they need a self-shifter if they're going to do other things while driving (for reasons totally beyond me).

pfftballer apparently has talent:

I'll have you know I ate a burrito while driving a manual just two days ago.

And Bluecold has the answer:

Eat with your right hand, left hand on the steering wheel. When it is time to shift, shift with your left hand while holding the wheel roughly in place with your right elbow.

So, yes, everyone in America, you can eat a burrito and drive stick at the same time. Just get on their level.

Photos: animakitty, zombieite