Watch The First Real-World Three-Pedal 2014 Corvette Drag Strip Run

RoadTestTV is claiming the first manual-equipped 2014 Corvette drag run recorded outside of GM-sanctioned testing: 12.47 @ 116.2 MPH. Not bad.

Though bit less dramatic than Hennessey's automatic-transmission asphalt assault, many of you will be excited to see that this white hardtop is a proper three-pedal, which you get visual confirmation of by a quick interior shot (along with a peek at that trick behind-infotainment-screen storage compartment).


Hopefully the owner's had the car long enough to break it in properly before subjecting it wide-open drag racing, but either way we're glad his efforts have graced in the internet.

Once more of these cars and their clutches get through teething, I'm sure we'll start seeing a lot more of these clips and more aggressive times.

(Hat tip to Brooks Weisblat!)

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