Watch The First Customer-Owned 2014 Corvette Obliterate The Drag Strip

Here's a 2014 Corvette that was delivered to the guys at Hennessey. Here it is getting in some quality time at the drag strip and getting down the quarter in 12.23 seconds.

Yes, this is an automatic. A lot of you will be mad about that because it's personally offensive. But it also lets the Corvette be a smooth monster on the drag strip.


I've driven on Hennessey's Lone Star Dragway on a windy, slick day in a new Viper, and laid down a 12.12 at 125 MPH. I thought that was a pretty good time for the conditions. But just watch the Vette. It makes the run a tick slower with a 12.23 at 114.88 without any drama. At all.

Now just imagine how quick it'll be when it has the inevitable 1,000 horsepower upgrade...

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