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Camera Catches Drunk Woman Trying To Rob Cab Driver With Hammer

Not heeding the advice on the side of the cab that says, "Driver carries only $5.00 in change," a woman in Long Beach, Calif. decided to demand money from a driver – first with a box cutter, then with a hammer.


It happened in the early morning of Sept. 26 and Long Beach police are trying to find out who this woman is, but they think she was drunk when she asked the cab driver for $50 and then threatened him with a box cutter.

The cab's camera picks up the incident and she says she won't hurt the cab driver if he doesn't do something stupid. Before too long, she pulls out a hammer and tries to smack him with it.


KTLA reports that as soon as the woman tried to hit the driver, he sped off and, soon after, hit a parked car. The attacker then jumped out of the cab and has yet to be identified.

The cab driver can be heard telling the woman, before she tried to hit him, that she shouldn't drink so much next time. That's good advice for us all.

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Yeah, she was definitely hammered.