What's The Ultimate Home-Grown Survival Vehicle?

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With the government shutdown about to enter its second week in the next few days, people are starting to get antsy. The debt ceiling may collapse soon, too, and then we'll really have a problem on our hands. If you want to survive the coming GOP-induced apocalypse, you're going to need something tough.


If the government stays shut down, which is costing the American taxpayers $300,000,000 each and every single day, and the US government is allowed to default on its debts, we may face an economic catastrophe that makes the Great Recession look like a great joke. You might be forced into the new wilderness of the Land That Once Was Called America But Is Now Called Anarchy, armed with nothing but your wits, your strength, and whatever is available on hand.

We've talked about post-apocalyptic survival vehicles before, but those were all custom-built, professional jobs. In your new Mad Maxian dystopia you'll need to protect yourself in a vehicle that you've armored with nothing but the scraps of titanium you've culled from the hip replacements of the middle-aged that were generously given to them by Obamacare. Who knows what wilds you'll face – roving bands of mercenaries? Radioactive monsters? Maybe even Tea Partiers, who are just as cantankerous despite getting everything they've always wanted?

It's with that spirit in mind that we should all try to conjure up the best examples of home-grown survival vehicles. The pickup truck-tank thing pictured above was created by Mexican drug gangs in Jalisco to fight their bloody wars. While the Mexican military managed to capture this one, it's not the only survivalist vehicle out there. But it is the one I'd take with me into the Great Economic Unknown.

So what's the ultimate home-grown survival vehicle? Let us know below in the comments!

Photo credit Jalisco Office of State Security




Answer is Killdozer. Always.