Government Won't Investigate Tesla Fire Due To Shutdown

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The Tesla Model S fire after a crash in the Seattle area on Tuesday was a hugely unfortunate event that may have caused their stock prices to sink after we reported it this afternoon. But Tesla kind of lucked out in the timing department.

The AP has a story recapping the Model S fire, which as we reported apparently happened after the car crashed into some large metallic road debris. Fortunately, the crash did not injure anyone. They say investors were likely alarmed by the fire, fearing that it may have been related to a battery problem not unlike the Boeing 787 fires.


Normally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would investigate such an issue to see if a recall is necessary, but that won't be happening right away (if ever) thanks to the government shutdown. From the story:

Under normal circumstances, investigators from NHTSA, the government's auto safety watchdog, would travel to Seattle to investigate the Tesla crash. But with the partial government shutdown, NHTSA stopped posting recall information on its website and it was unclear when or if an investigation would begin.


I told you this would happen.