This McLaren-Honda F1 Documentary Has All The Greats And A Concerto

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.


There's still nothing as captivating as a long video with great footage from the early 1990s and that legendary time for F1 – with names like McLaren, Honda and Senna.

This look at the McLaren-Honda days is narrated by someone who must intend this to be an informational video for elementary school viewers and even the smallest F1 fan probably won't learn anything they didn't from the commentary. However, it's an extensive look into the team and the daily lives of drivers at the track which turns out to be kind of fascinating in this case.


The narrator also talks a lot about tires and it sounds like he could say, "There it is again!" at any moment.

Then there's this one-on-one interview with Ayrton Senna where he spends a lot of time thinking before saying something good. Riveting.

Also, you get to see a lot of Honda Concertos in this. They must've really been pushing the performance of that car way back when. Zero to 60 in under 10 seconds! And it sounds like they forced them on new drivers as company cars. Then you worked up to a real car, like a new Legend. Those were the days.

Thanks for the tip, Nick!

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"Allan McNish is just 21." How nostalgic!