Florida Boat Cops Find $700K Worth Of Cocaine In Water Because Florida

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Go out on the water, help tow a billionaire's dead yacht to the dock, pinch somebody for boating while intoxicated, find $700,000 worth of cocaine floating in the ocean. Just another day when you're a boat cop in Florida!


Okay, this incident may have happened the Dania Beach Pier and the Port Everglades Inlet, which isn't quite Miami, but it's close enough and awfully similar to something that could have happened on an episode of Miami Vice.

Police news site Officer.com reports that a Broward County marine deputy was out on a routine patrol on Sunday when he found a burlap bag floating in the ocean a mile offshore. When officers opened it up, they found 25 kilos of the magical white stuff valued at $700,000.

The 25 kilos were taken to the Broward County Sheriff's Office's Crime Lab and will be turned over to the DEA.

"Our marine patrol is vigilant," Sheriff Scott Israel said in a statement. "They are reminded all the time that narcotic trafficking is still prevalent."

Next up for the police: pose as drug dealers and then seize buyers' cash in so-called "reverse stings" in order to rake in millions of dollars in profit. Boo-yah!


Charlie B. Sharenative

I'm actually kind of missing all the wacky Florida stories.